Answers to Common Roofing Questions About Storm Damage

How do I know if I have storm damage?
Storm damage to your roof can sometimes be seen from the ground. You may notice raised or curled shingles. Some shingles may have blown off completely.
It’s best to have a trained professional inspect for roof damage you can’t see. Contact Over the Top Roofing & Construction for an inspection and FREE estimates.

Potential Problems Due to Storm Damage

What problems can arise from storm damage?
Storm damage can cause shingles to crease, which can lead to granule loss. An absence of granules means there’s no protection for the matting from sunlight. This can lead to premature aging, potential leaks, and mold growth.
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Insurance Premium Increases

Do premiums go up if I file a claim?
Typically, insurance premiums won’t increase because the damage is the result of a natural disaster that is beyond your control.
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Typical Time Frame to File

What’s the time frame to file a claim?
Most insurance companies have a limited claim period. If you haven’t filed a claim and had all repairs completed within 1 year, they are not required to fully indemnify you for your loss.
File a claim as soon as possible to make sure all work will be completed before the insurance deadline, as well as to prevent further damage.
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Number of Estimates Required

Do I need to get 2 or more estimates?
It’s not necessary to get additional estimates. We’re experienced in working with all insurance companies and will make sure that you don’t have to pay anything out-of-pocket except for the deductible.
If a contractor gives you an estimate for less than the price determined by your insurance provider, you won’t be paid the difference. If we determine the repairs cost more than the price determined by your insurance provider, we’ll work with the insurance company to make sure they cover any additional costs.

Fulfilling Your Expectations

How can Over the Top Roofing & Construction help me?
We offer a FREE, no-obligation inspection by trained professionals to determine the scope of your storm damage. We’ll meet with your adjuster and work with the insurance company to ensure all necessary damages are covered.
A knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly insurance restoration specialist will work with you throughout the process to make sure that you get a quality restoration for your home.
“ In our neighborhood we had multiple different roofing companies come in after the hail damage.  I watched how the workers treated my neighbor’s yard, house and time to do the job.  I saw everything from it taking 3 days and picnics all day from the workers and trash left everywhere.   Kevin’s group came it did the job right and fast, picked up everything like it was there house.  Kevin was awesome to work with on picking out the shingles and pricing.  I highly recommend his team!!”

– Brent Poppe
“Wonderful local company!  We needed a new roof and gutters and Kevin could not have made the process any easier.  The hardest part was choosing colors - which he put up with us switching last minute 3 times - so sorry about that!  He made multiple trips to our house to ensure the insurance adjuster was including all that needed to be.   In the end we got just what we wanted and LOVE our roof.  Kevin is the first contractor that we've ever worked with that was actually on time.  When he says 2-3 weeks -- it truly is 2-3 and not 6, 7, 8. . . .  His crew is polite and hardworking and did a great job of cleaning up afterwards.  Highly recommend!”

– Kouassi Occansey
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To discuss repairs for storm and hail damage, call 402-217-2459.

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